Ke tshwere Ke tlala – Hungry Boy/designer– AMEN A/W 21 Showcase at AFI Africa Fashion International 2020 Cape Town

The unseen, unheard, of society. The streets of Johannesburg are filled with unemployment. Beggars stand at every robot intersection begging for food, money, work or an opportunity. Although on the surface, it seems they are only ones begging for work. Across all industries and field, most of society’s members, both uneducated and educated, are begging for job opportunities. As African designers we beg the audience to support local product and design by purchasing and supporting the work of local designers in a sea filled with international imports that are rolled out faster and cheaper than the local industry.

Ke tshwere Ke tlala – a tswana phrase meaning ‘ I am starving/hungry’ – is the title of The AMEN A/W 21 collection which began with the placard held by a beggar on the side of the road. The placard read, ‘ Hungry Boy, I don’t do crime. Pls help. No food. No job. No clothes. Thank you. God bless. ‘

“Looking at photos of models strutting their stuff for a phantom audience is surreal .”

– Sunday Times press release